Many dream to play in a big club and make lots of money, instantly . But a career can stop dead in its track, by haste or bad choices. To put all the odds in your favor, trust me, my job is to take over your professional future by:

 Finding a club for you:

Finding an ambitious club who will meet your expectations.

Supporting you in your new surroundings:

Helping you settle in, handling the hassle of daily life such as insurance, licenses and others.

Writing and monitoring contracts:

Ensuring the respect of labor laws and collective agreements regulating your sport

Optimizing you off-season:

Choose a training camp or a sports tour best suited to your athletic goals.

 Managing your image:

Ensuring that your image is viewed in the best light, increasing your visibility Informing your old clubs and your families  Reporting on your progress and keeping links essential to your well-being.


I am committed:

  • to write a report of all the initiatives taken on your behalf to advise you of all offers;
  •  to give you my best when I negotiate your contract; to advise you on your choices;
  •  to assist you as you join your new club;
  •  to enforce clauses of the contract and make sure they are respected in accordance to labor laws in effect to intervene at any time to solve conflict or litigation regarding your contract.


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