Dorian Auzou - Sport agent

Dorian Auzou

To be an Agent is to develop an athlete's career by listening to and enabling the athlete to focus on the main goal: giving the best performance.

My role is to set the best possible conditions for the athlete : finding a club that is best suited, finding the player who will meet the club’s expectations, proposing training or touring that will allow the athlete to move forward, finding the sponsor who will give a helping hand, negotiate and draft contracts committing two parties to a common goal.

I love sports; I’m fascinated by the sport scene and supporting athletes’ careers. This passion has led me to obtain four agent’s licenses : tennis, ice hockey, volley ball and basketball.

To succeed, I have surrounded myself with a skilled team in many areas where I’ll need to intervene on your behalf: legalaccounting and athletics.

Contact me and we will establish together the best course of action for your career.

My mission

My mission is to bring you the player, you the leader, the best outcome to meet your goals.

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